Jungle House - Vientiane
A home from home - Vientiane Laos



Our Offer

Xoukiet and Mike welcome you to a home - their home. When you come to Jungle House you will be greeted and treated as though you are a personal friend, a member of the family. As part of that, a single charge is made covering the whole offer, which is:

•    Pick-up at point of arrival and drop-off at point of departure in Vientiane
•    Breakfast to your order and at a time you request
•    Drinks on the deck, including the highly-regarded ‘Boddgintonic’
•    Dinner (& Drinks) with dietary requirements, discussed with you in advance

•    Free Wi-Fi
•    Freedom of the grounds and swimming pool
•    Access to the large communal space in Jungle House
•    Laundry service (same day return or day after depending on weather)

•    If you wish, a familiarisation tour of the city (the windshield tour)
•    Share experiences and insights around the deck and the dining table
•    Daily transport into Vientiane and out upon request
•    On demand, Mike's guided tour of the COPE Visitor Centre
•    The opportunity to experience a silk & weaving, wats & museums, etc.
•    Abundant advice and assistance on your plans and onward travels in Lao PDR