Jungle House - Vientiane
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Jungle House

Jungle House

Jungle House was designed by Mike: he was influenced by ideas of churches – having considered buying a redundant church in 2000 and converting it to a home - and of space and light, as well as his background in the environment movement.

The overall design is very much a reflection of a Wat – the Lao equivalent of a church – with its parabolic roof. Inside, the space is big and it is flooded with light. French doors along the ground-floor facing south and the upper floor facing north, maximise the light. Those French doors open out onto outside spaces which are shaded from direct sunlight by the roof.

The house was designed to operate in a hot environment: the high ceilings, hot air drains, double-glazing, roof and wall spaces through which hot air can be vented, all help to keep the interior of the house cool with minimal mechanical means, and the positioning of the ground-floor bedrooms on the northern side help with this. The juxtaposition with the pond aids the creation of air movement and the plentiful greenery in the garden has a cooling effect.

Jungle House was designed as a private residence: in 2014, Mike and Xoukiet agreed to open their home to a limited number of paying guests. The experiment was a success and they determined to continue.